From 5W to 1000W, our company can provide nearly a thousand types of medical power supplies for customers to choose from. The power supply design scheme includes:

PWM, full bridge phase shifting, LLC resonance, full bridge resonance, symmetrical half bridge resonance, synchronous rectification, resonance reset

Advanced technologies such as active phase, active filtering and compensation, and parallel current sharing.

First dental professional medical power supply in the industry 

(leakage current less than 20uA)

First medical adapter with LED in the industry 

(below 20W)

First 90W ultra-thin and ultra small adapter in the industry

We have established a professional EMC laboratory and established a professional EMC rectification team to assist customers in rectifying EMC issues in their systems, so that their products can smoothly pass relevant testing and certification.
Longxc has applied for the following patents in EMC's professional field:
1. Pioneering 2000V/100KHZ EFT anti-interference solution;
2. Pioneering 15000V electrostatic anti-interference testing solution;
3.Initiated the use of a special filtering structure to solve the contradiction between conducted radiation and safety leakage current.
4.In the professional field and product design of EMC solution solutions, it has already led the direction of technology.