Model: LXCP52
Class I&II
Input voltage range: 90-264Vac
Output voltage range: 5-48Vdc
Output peak power: 105W
Single output (with DC line)
Compliant with medical IEC60601 safety certification
Compliant with EN55011 Class B Emissions
Size (mm): 112.0 (length) * 46.5 (width) * 32.0 (height)
C8 or C14 AC input plug




Model Output Voltage Output Current Rated Output Power
LXCP52-005 5V 3.50A 17.5W
LXCP52-009 9V 3.00A 27W
LXCP52-012 12V 3.50A 42W
LXCP52-135 13.5V 3.30A 44.5W
LXCP52-014 14V 3.00A 42W
LXCP52-015 15V 3.30A 49.5W
LXCP52-016 16V 2.70A 43.2W
LXCP52-018 18V 2.50A 45W
LXCP52-019 19V 2.30A 43.7W
LXCP52-020 20V 2.20A 44W
LXCP52-024 24V 2.20A 52.8W
LXCP52-028 28V 1.50A 42W
LXCP52-036 36V 1.10A 39.6W
LXCP52-048 48V 0.80A 38.4W

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