Post: MEDICA| 2023 Dusseldorf Medical Fair, Germany

MEDICA| 2023 Dusseldorf Medical Fair, Germany

About Medica:

MEDICA (full name "Dusseldorf Medical Equipment Exhibition") is an information platform for medical-related enterprises around the world to grasp the new, comprehensive and authoritative world medical device market information, and participants can communicate face-to-face with their medical device counterparts around the world. The introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment has played a bridge role in its extensive understanding of the development trend of medical technology, and is recognized as the world's largest and most influential comprehensive hospital and medical equipment exhibition, ranking first in the world's medical trade show with its irreplaceable scale and influence.

The Rhine river to the grand party
Long wind breaking thousands of miles of waves, Zhang Gaofan straight across the sea, after four years of dragon star again set out on the German Rhine river.

2023 The 55th German Medical Equipment Exhibition MEDICA, On 13-16 November at Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, D-40474 Dusseldorf, Germany (Postfach 101006, D-40001 Dusseldorf), The exhibition Center in Dusseldorf, Germany, opened.
Longxc Medical full of sincerity, bring new.

As a research and development and manufacturing enterprise of medical device switching power supply, Longstar Power Supply has been engaged in medical switching power supply for more than 15 years, and has nearly a thousand types of medical power supply products. It is a high-quality medical switching power supply enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales.
In this MEDICA exhibition, longxc with a number of popular products made a stunning appearance, which received extensive attention from professionals in various fields and became the focus of attention.

Over the past 15 years, Longxc Power Supply has always adhered to product quality priority and accumulated many loyal users in the same industry. With technological innovation during the exhibition by many industry customers at home and abroad attention.

During the four-day exhibition, the Dragon Star exhibition team conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with customers from all over the world with professionalism and enthusiasm, and introduced the performance and advantages of the exhibits in detail for customers who came to consult.

Based on China and global layout
"At this exhibition, we displayed rich and reliable products and were recognized by global users, and conducted in-depth communication with many long-term customers to look forward to long-term cooperation." Hao Chengjun, general manager of Longxc, said that in recent years, many excellent and innovative products have emerged in the field of power supply. "Despite the fierce competition, we are confident that with high-quality products and perfect services, we can continue to explore new markets and serve more and better global users."

This exhibition, we harvest not only the attention of the industry and outside the Longxc power supply, but also feel the recognition and trust of overseas customers. In the future, Longstar Power will always be based in China, serve the world, make unremitting efforts on the road of providing quality products and services, continuous updating technology and innovation, and strive to become a trusted national brand in the medical power supply industry.

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