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August 31st, 2023 10:02 am

Concerned about the health of the whole people, Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., Ltd. helps the high-quality development of medical equipment

Based on the global medical and health industry, covering the medical device industry chain, the 84th China International Medical Device Expo was recently held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition with the theme of "Innovation and technology · Smart leading the future", innovation and technology became the highlight of the exhibition, bringing together thousands of brand enterprises and products.

In this event of the medical device industry, Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., Ltd. brought a number of scientific and technological medical power products and solutions to the exhibition, to meet the diversity of medical products and high safety standards, attracting the attention of many professionals.

Hao Chengjun, general manager of Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., Ltd. introduced: "We Longstar this exhibition brings high-end technology and quality products, the product is derived from our research and development design, the use of high efficiency, high power, small size, the use of new technology, stability, it is mainly used for anesthesia, respiratory, monitoring, infusion pump, injection pump, imaging, B-super series of products."

Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a professional engaged in medical device switching power supply R & D, production, sales and provide high reliability power supply solutions of high-tech enterprises.

Survival by quality, development by innovation, Longstar adheres to the international advanced design level, industry high standards and strict production management norms, research and development and production of monitors, anesthesia machines, ventilators, electrocardiograph and other medical equipment power supplies; Our products have obtained a number of international certifications and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Hao Chengjun, general manager of Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., LTD., said: "The company has been adhering to a service since its establishment, and the premise is that the quality of this product is the first. All the way to today, and then the company grew step by step, step by step development, and then the establishment of automation equipment, investment in research and development, investment in laboratories, usability verification, professional EMC laboratories. At present, our EMC laboratory is the most advanced in the entire medical power supply industry, and the equipment investment is also the largest, the entire several sets of systems, production control system, quality control system, verification system are very comprehensive."

Deep cultivation of the medical power supply industry, focusing on 13 years, Longstar wins the medical power supply market with high quality. From every part to the finished product, from the pre-sale to the after-sale of every product, Longstar pursues every detail, strictly abide by the quality management norms, quality control, and seiko casting fine products. Wang Chao, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., LTD., said: "Through rigorous design and verification, to ensure the reliability of the product, through the introduction of automation equipment, to ensure the consistency of the product, through quality tools to improve the overall product yield, coupled with our personnel training, so that the quality of our entire product rose to a very high level."

Due to the unremitting pursuit of technology, Longstar continues to increase investment in research and development, strengthen talent introduction, university cooperation, with a high standard of research and development, high-quality products and services, to meet the needs of the medical industry. Zhang Yongman, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Longstar Power Co., LTD., said: Under the leadership of Hao, the company has entered more than ten years of accumulation, developed thousands of medical power supplies and adapters, and established a strong stable, reliable and innovative R & D team, and also established a sound and relatively perfect R & D process and reliability evaluation system. The company's products and technologies comprehensively cover the switching power supply topology, laying the knowledge foundation and technical foundation for serving customers.

Looking forward to the future, Dragon Star will continue to break through innovation, continue to focus on key technology research and development, the pursuit of efficient production and service, in order to achieve the company's long-term strategy. Enterprise staff: medical power supply, look for the dragon star, gratitude, beyond, win-win. Longstar is committed to becoming a trusted national brand in the medical power supply industry, focusing on the health of the whole people and escorting medical equipment!